The Goods

Becket Bakehouse is officially closed. Thank you for your patronage!

All products are made in a sole-purpose home kitchen licensed by the Town of Becket and for sale only within Massachusetts. Our products are processed on equipment that also processes dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, & wheat.

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Unlike many bakeries and grocery stores that serve oversized treats, we like to keep our treats to a manageable size.

Other Items

Bars Small Batch (8*) Medium Batch (16*) Large Batch (40*)
Brown Butter Blondie $12 $20 $40
Gluten-Free Brownie $12 $20 $28 (24 bars*)
Chewy Brownie $12 $20 $28 (24 bars*)
Coconut Macaroon (gluten-free & dairy-free) $10 $16 $24
Fruit Crumb Bar (vegan by request, needs refrigeration) $12 n/a $24 (24 bars*)
Walnut Mousse Brownie (gluten-free, vegan by request, needs refrigeration) $14 $24 $45

*Quantity of 2″ squares. If you prefer the bars cut to a different size, please specify.

“Ellen makes the BEST bread!”
A happy customer   Becket, MA

Bread (tips on storage)
Approximate Size Each Dozen
Challah (dairy-free) 1 lb braid $6
Cinnamon (vegan by request) 9.5″ loaf (1.5lb) $5
Cinnamon Raisin (vegan by request) 9.5″ loaf (1.5lb) $6
Oat 9.5″ loaf (1.5lb) $5
Rolls, Vienna (white) 2 oz each, pull-apart $6
Rolls, Oat 2 oz each, pull-apart $6
Rustic White (vegan) 1.5lb batard $5
Vienna with Dutch Crunch Topping 1 lb batard $5.25
Vienna Sandwich 9.5″ loaf (1.25lb) $5

By storing cookies in an airtight container with a corn tortilla (as recommended by America’s Test Kitchen Feed), cookies will remain soft and fresh for at least 3 weeks at cool room temperature. Replace the tortilla when it dries out at approximately 2 weeks.

“These are the best cookies I have ever eaten!! The Chewy Chocolate Cookies had the most intense chocolate richness without being overly sweet. They were all moist, rich, and utterly decadent!!”
Purr    Becket, MA

Cookies Approximate Size Each Half Dozen Dozen
Chocolate Chip Oat 2.75″ diameter $0.90 $5 $10
‘Eat Your Vegetables’ Chocolate Chip 2″ diameter $0.90 $5 $10
Chewy Chocolate (gluten-free & dairy-free) 2″ diameter $0.75 $4 $8
(Seasonal) Fruit Sandwich (needs refrigeration) 1.75″ diameter $0.90 $5 $10
Triple Ginger 3″ diameter $0.90 $5 $10
Chunky Peanut Butter 2.5″ diameter $0.75 $4 $8
Snickerdoodle 3″ diameter $0.75 $4 $8

Other Items
Approximate Size Each
Cracker, Cheddar 1.5″ rounds $15, approx. 12 oz (60-96 crackers)
Lemon Curd Tart (needs refrigeration, serves 2-4) 3.75″ diameter $6