To keep out pesticides and growth hormones, we use as many organic ingredients as possible. Even our extracts and potent vanilla bean powder are organic!

What we mean by local:
produce & eggs from within 50 miles
Fair Trade coffee roasted in MA
Flours milled in NY

Becket Bakehouse loves supporting local farms when buying produce (apples, carrots, rhubarb, squash, etc) & eggs. Though it is cost-prohibitive for some local farms to complete the organic certification process, they use the environmentally-sensitive approach of Integrated Pest Management. We purchase our young ginger from Old Friends Farm in Amherst.

We like to eat with the seasons and stock up on produce when it’s available in order to provide typically “seasonal” treats throughout the year. Berries in December or squash in May. When our supply runs out, we wait until the next growing season.

We’re proud to use tasty Fair Trade coffee from Massachusetts-based Dean’s Beans in many of our chocolate treats.

It’s all about the recipe
Another way that we give a healthful spin to our delicious treats is by being conservative with the amount of sweetener that we use (most commonly organic evaporated cane juice which retains some of the original molasses). If you are looking for something cloyingly sweet, search elsewhere. Some Type 1 diabetics have found that they can enjoy more of our treats than conventional baked goods while managing their blood sugar levels less. Of course, everyone is different.

We use whole wheat pastry flour in the majority of our recipes. A few bread recipes such as Rustic White Bread require unbleached white flour. The hard red wheat for that flour is grown entirely in New York.

Both flours are unbleached, unbromated, and unenriched and are milled in our region (NY) by Champlain Valley Milling Corporation. For Oat Bread and Cinnamon Raisin Bread, we use stone ground whole wheat flour (hard white wheat grown in the western United States) from Bob’s Red Mill. We also stay away from adding salt except when necessary, as in breads.

Size Matters
Unlike many bakeries and grocery stores that serve over-sized treats, we make our treats in a healthier serving size.

These all culminate into goodies that we want to eat so we feel good about serving them to you.